You Le Long Pa


You Le Long Pa



Sugarcane. Tender and sweet with clean and delicate tannins.

You Le Long Pa is a Sheng Pu (raw Pu Er) and the sweetest Pu Er east of the Lan Cang River. We love this tea for its pure elegance! The Long Pa Village owns two lots of tea – Le De and A Hei. This lot is Le De. 

You Le is one of the famous six ancient tea mountains east of Lan Cang River. Our You Le is harvested from ancient tea trees 200-600 years old. Pu Er teas are typically named after the location where they are grown; Long Pa being one of the most prized villages. While the Pu Er’s from the east side of Lan Cang River are all known for their elegance and mild temperament, You Le stands out as the sweetest of them all!

You Le is made of Qun Ti Da Ye Zhong (heirloom large leaf) material. Pu Er making follows a typical green tea process; that’s why it is academically classified as a sun-dry green tea. Pu Er tea picking is usually one bud with two to three leaves. The teas are generally shade wilted to lose some moisture before being wok-fired in large batches. Because of the large batches of tea leaves in the wok, the tea’s enzyme are not completely deactivated and some remain alive. Therefore fermentation is not complete which allows for aging. The hot and moist tea leaves are then rolled and shaped quickly before being evenly spread under the sun to dry. Aggressively intense sun is most preferred in Pu Er tea making.  

Health Benefits: Includes Catechins and Epicatechins which are antioxidants. These compounds belong to a group of plant chemicals called Flavonoids. Polyphenols are present which are also packed with antioxidants. Contains small amounts of natural statin which in medical form is used for lowering cholesterol. Also contains polysaccharides which may decrease blood sugar. The amino acid L-Theanine is present. Caffeine is present in Pu Er teas.

This tea qualifies for the ‘Morning Brew Live,’ an interactive virtual tea session. Please visit ‘Morning Brew Live’ for more information.

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Brewing Instructions

Porcelain or clay tea ware (gaiwan/teapot) is recommended. Heat the water to 100°C/212°F. First, warm the teacup and gaiwan/teapot. Rinse the tea quickly in the pot with hot water and pour out prior to the first steep.

Gaiwan: Use 7g for 100 ml. 1st to 5th steep 3 seconds. 6th to 9th steep 7 seconds.

Clay Teapot: Use approximately 3.5g for 150 ml. Steep 25 seconds. Add 10 seconds each additional steep.

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