“Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

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Morning Brew Live (Virtual)

Of course, there are some essential steps in having that special daily cup of tea. The first step is choosing which type of tea is preferred on any given day. Are you considering a lighter tea such as green or white tea, or a more robust tea from a different category like Wulong or Pu Er? Next is the type of water used for brewing. Tea is 98.5% water and plays a very important role in the preparation of tea. Aromatics, flavor and color can be affected by the type of water used. Based on the first known monograph on tea, The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu (circa 760CE Tang Dynasty), the ideal water is spring water from the mountains. The next step is to choose the type of vessel to brew the tea in. There are several choices to choose from including a porcelain gaiwan, a clay or ceramic teapot, or a pair of Gong Dao Bei, also known as Fairness Cups - Pitchers. Depending on the type of tea, your choice of tea ware will follow suit.  Another important facet of brewing tea to be considered is the temperature of the water. Generally speaking, the darker the tea leaves, the hotter the water and the lighter the tea leaves, the cooler the water.


To offer a comprehensive discussion on the above and enhance the experience of our tea enthusiasts, for a limited time we are providing a complimentary 45-minute Virtual Brewing Class with any purchase of tea. We call this our ‘Morning Brew Live’ so participants can start their day with the world’s most prized tea. We will enjoy an open discussion on the tea chosen for that day, the tea ware used and brewing techniques. After you make a purchase, please visit ‘Schedule a Guided Tea Tasting’ and complete the form. I look forward to an opportunity to meet you and enjoy tea via Zoom!

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