Wu Liang Shan Bai Cha


Wu Liang Shan Bai Cha



Refreshing, delicately grassy, with notes of chamomile and wildflowers

Wu Lian Shan means limitless, endless mountain. It is one of the two major mountains in the northern Yunnan tea region and the location where this tea grows. It is a natural reserve, home to many endangered species, including old tea trees. Bai Cha means White Tea.

This Wu Liang Shan White Tea is unique and experimental. It is crafted by the same tea maker who makes our Wu Liang Shan Pu Er Sheng Cha. Our heritage farm partner used the same old tree material (200-600-year-old tea trees) to create this tea as the Pu Er tea. This year was our tea farmers first year making this tea and we are quite impressed by it!

White tea processing is similar to that of Pu Er in that they both use the sun for drying. So the transition of technique was understood by this tea maker. The tea maker used the traditional Fu Ding technique, which is not commonly used in Yunnan Province, which led to a much cleaner and more sophisticated profile. The traditional Fu Ding method is to allow the freshly picked tea leaves and buds to wilt under shaded conditions to lose some of the moisture. The tea leaves are then exposed to the sun for fermentation and further drying. Next, the tea leaves are finished by baking the tea leaves on bamboo trays over charcoal ash. Though if the sun is warm enough, the tea is dried by the sun.

Since white tea during processing is never exposed to enzyme-destroying high heat or thoroughly fermented where the enzymes are exhausted, white tea can be aged.

Health benefits: includes a rich amount of Catechins and Epicatechins which are antioxidants. These compounds belong to a group of plant chemicals called Flavonoids. Polyphenols are present which are also packed with antioxidants. The amino acid L-Theanine is present. Also includes caffeine.

This tea qualifies for the ‘Morning Brew Live,’ an interactive virtual tea session. Please visit ‘Morning Brew Live’ for more information.

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Brewing Instructions

Porcelain or clay teaware (gaiwan/teapot) is recommended. Heat the water to 95°C/203°F. Slightly lower temperature than boiling. Warm the teacup and gaiwan/teapot. Rinse the tea quickly in the vessel with hot water and pour it out. This step will wake up the leaves.

Gaiwan: Use 5g for 100 ml. 1st to 5th steep 3 seconds. 6th to 9th steep 7 seconds.

Clay or Porcelain Teapot: Use 5g for 150 ml. Steep for a minute or to your desired taste.

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