Shou Pu


Shou Pu



Sweet earth with a full smooth body.

Shou Pu (sometimes referred to as Cooked Pu Er) is a popular style of black tea from Yunnan Province. Shou Pu is made of Qun Ti Da Ye Zhong (Heirloom Large Leaf) material.

The tea is crafted by fermenting the already processed Sheng Pu with added heat and moisture to facilitate ‘compost’ of the leaves with the assistance of beneficial microbes, making it black tea. Given the nature of its heavy processing, Shou Pu is usually a blend. Black teas are very dark and earthy with a full, smooth body.

Shou Pu is commonly said to be an ‘artificially aged’ Sheng Pu. In fact, they are actually different teas. Aging Sheng Pu does not result in Shou Pu. Shou Pu will continue to break down the leaves. Our Shou Pu is a sophisticated batch made from mostly ancient tea trees from Jing Mai Tea Mountain.

Due to the large batch and rough processing method of black tea, many Shou Pu’s are harsh and can taste funky. However, a well-made Shou Pu is the most mellow, easy-to-drink tea out there. It is earthy but sweet, without a trace of astringency. Its thick body provides a particular kind of satisfaction.

Health Benefits: Includes Catechins and Epicatechins which are antioxidants. These compounds belong to a group of plant chemicals called Flavonoids. Polyphenols are present which are also packed with antioxidants. Contains small amounts of natural statin which in medical form is used for lowering cholesterol. Also contains polysaccarides which may decrease blood sugar. The amino acid L-Theanine is present. The caffeine content is less than other types of tea.

This tea qualifies for the ‘Morning Brew Live,’ an interactive virtual tea session. Please visit ‘Morning Brew Live’ for more information.

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Brewing Instructions

Porcelain or clay teaware (gaiwan/teapot) is recommended. Heat the water to 100°C/212°F. Warm the teacup and gaiwan/teapot. Rinse the tea quickly in the vessel with hot water and pour it out. This step will wake up the leaves.

Gaiwan: Use 5g for 100 ml. 1st to 5th steep 3 seconds. 6th to 9th steep 7 seconds.

Clay Teapot (preferred): Use 5g for 150 ml. Steep for a minute or to your desired taste.

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