Heirloom Huang Ya


Heirloom Huang Ya



Umami, elegantly floral, sweet roasted pine nuts

Yellow tea is the smallest and rarest category of tea which is very significant in traditional Chinese tea. Two to three yellow teas have frequently been listed on the China’s Ten Famous Teas List, which says volumes about the appreciation of yellow tea among the most influential patrons. Yellow teas are micro-fermented where the semi-dry leaves are “yellowed” in a non-enzymatic browning. This allows the creation of a unique category of tea which is similar to green tea, but usually rounder and smoother with deeper notes like grains and corn. 

Huang Ya means ‘yellow bud’ and refers to the yellow hue of both the fresh and the finished tea leaves. The processing is similar to green tea except for an extra step where the tea is ‘yellowed’ 3 to 7 times for a total of 160-260 hours. The tea is then placed on bamboo trays to be flash roasted over charcoal for an hour. This is a unique and ancient technique called Zhuang Huo. Zhuang Huo is a highly risky step as it is done to already dried tea leaves, however it is essential for producing the most excellent tea. 

Our Huang Ya is semi-handmade and is produced in Jin Ji Shan by an extraordinary tea maker who happens to be one of the few female tea makers in China. Xu A-yi is the matriarch of the family and especially skilled at Zhuang Hou, the flash roasting technique previously mentioned. 

Health Benefits:  Packed with antioxidants including polyphenols and catechins. Caffeine is present in yellow tea.

This tea qualifies for the ‘Morning Brew Live,’ an interactive virtual tea session. Please visit ‘Morning Brew Live’ for more information.

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Brewing Instructions

Glass or porcelain tea ware (pitcher/gaiwan/teapot) is recommended. Heat the water to 85°C/185°F. First, warm the teacup and pitcher/gaiwan/teapot.

Two Fairness Pitchers (300ml): Use 4g to brew open vessel style. Use two similar pitchers, one for brewing and one for accepting the liquid through a filter. 1st steep 2 minutes. 2nd to 4th steep 30 seconds.

Gaiwan: Use 4g for 100 ml. 1st to 5th steep 3 seconds. 6th to 9th steep 7 seconds.

Teapot (glass or porcelain): Use 4g for 150 ml. Steep 25 seconds. Add 10 seconds each additional steep.

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