Distinctive Wulong Plus Sampler

Distinctive Wulong Plus Sampler


How would you like to enjoy two distinctive Wulong (Oolong) teas, ‘plus’ your choice of a third tea from a green, white or Pu Er category? This three-tea sampler of the world’s most prized loose-leaf teas will deliver an array of taste and aroma for you to savor.

Wulong Teas are a diverse group and primarily characterized as semi-fermented. The renowned fragranced aroma is developed from tea leaves only and through the prolonged process of resting and shaking the leaves. Wulong tea can be quite light in taste when slightly roasted and take on a different flavor when roasted at least twice as in the traditional processing method. Wulongs are typically made with single cultivar and are grown in China’s various Wulong Tea growing regions.

The following will provide you with information on the two distinctive Wulong teas in this sampler:

Da Hong Pao (Great Red Robe) 大紅袍 is one of the famous Wulong teas coming from the Wu Yi Shan, Fujian, China tea region. Wu Yi Shan (mountains) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the scenery will take your breath away. Da Hong Pao is a Yan Cha or cliff tea where many of the tea bushes literally grow out of the rocks. Da Hong Pao is a blend of multiple varietals balancing texture and aroma. The leaves are heavily roasted which gives the tea that signature dark coloring and bold taste. You will enjoy the layers of lavish spices and flowers with that sweet gradual mineral finish.

Bai Ye (White Leaf) 白葉 is a Feng Huang Dan Cong (also known as Phoenix Wulong Tea) and its origin is Zhong Xin Yan, Wu Dong, Feng Huang Shan (Phoenix Mountains), Guangdong Province, China. Wu Dong is recognized by tea connoisseurs as the top location for growing and producing Dan Cong. This Wulong Tea is known for its very forward fruity peach note. This batch is harvested from over 60 year old tea trees which are covered in moss due to the foggy moist air and cold climate in these mountains. Bai Ye is refreshing, tannic with prominent peachy note and a slight sweet aftertaste.

To complement the Distinctive Wulong ‘Plus’ Sampler is your choice of a green, white or Pu Er tea. The following will provide you with information on these teas.

Gua Pian (Sunflower Seed) 六安瓜片 is a green tea which originates from Qi Shan, Lu An, An Hui Province, China. This is the only green tea in China where only the leaves are picked and used in the processing. The unique flash roasting step, referred to as La Da Huo, solidifies all the notes and gives the tea a nice layer of toastiness. When sipping this fine tea, the grassy and lightly toasted taste with the buttery texture confirms why Gua Pian has the official status of one of China’s Ten Famous Teas.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (White Hair Silver Needle) 白毫銀針 is a white tea which originates from Dian Tou, Fuding, Fujian Province, China. This famous tea includes the finest picking grade of white tea consisting of buds only and are needle-shaped and covered with fine white hairs. The freshly picked tea buds are sun dried following traditional methods which require careful observation of the sun and the wind for 72 hours. The taste is light, however exuberant with notes of floral sweetness. After steeping the tea leaves and sipping the liquor, one will sense how special this tea is.

You Le Long Pa 攸樂龍帕 is a Sheng Pu (raw Pu Er) and the sweetest Pu Er east of the Lan Cang River. We love this tea for its pure elegance! The Long Pa Village owns two lots of tea – Le De and A Hei. This lot is Le De.

You Le is one of the famous six ancient tea mountains east of Lan Cang River. Our You Le is harvested from ancient tea trees 200-600 years old. Pu Er teas are typically named after the location where they are grown; Long Pa being one of the most prized villages. While the Pu Er’s from the east side of Lan Cang River are all known for their elegance and mild temperament, You Le stands out as the sweetest of them all!

You Le is made of Qun Ti Da Ye Zhong (heirloom large leaf) material. Pu Er making follows a typical green tea process; that’s why it is academically classified as a sun-dry green tea. Pu Er tea picking is usually one bud with two to three leaves. The teas are generally shade wilted to lose some moisture before being wok-fired in large batches. Because of the large batches of tea leaves in the wok, the tea’s enzyme are not completely deactivated and some remain alive. Therefore fermentation is not complete which allows for aging. The hot and moist tea leaves are then rolled and shaped quickly before being evenly spread under the sun to dry. Aggressively intense sun is most preferred in Pu Er tea making.

Morning Brew Live’ is available with the purchase of Distinctive Wulong ‘Plus’ Sampler. Visit ‘Tea Presentations’ for more information.

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