Da Hong Pao
(Great Red Robe)

Da Hong Pao
(Great Red Robe)


Bold, lavish, floral with lingering minerality

Da Hong Pao holds weighty history in Chinese tea and much excitement around its folklore. The name Da Hong Pao (“Great Red Robe”) is derived from various tales which involve six tea bushes that hang halfway off a cliff behind the ancient Tian Xin Yong Le Temple on Wu Yi Shan (mountain). Da Hong Pao is the only blend among China’s famous teas with its own designated name. Tea from Wu Yi Shan is also referred to as Yan Cha or Cliff Tea since it is a rocky, mountainous area and its soil is known to be rich in minerals.

Da Hong Pao is the commercial name for blended Yan Cha and is a combination of multiple varietals balancing texture and aroma. The picking grade is 3-5 leaves with medium to large openings. Since only leaves are used in the crafting, it is harvested later in the Spring than most other teas. Its extensive and complex processing will take many months with the finished Yan Cha arriving in Autumn. The roasting process is skillfully done on very dim charcoal ash for 8-12 hours for 1-3 times with weeks of rest in between, all depending on the varietal. This produces a dark color with that toasty and natural sweetness.

This vintage is a custom made batch blended by award winning family farms.

Health benefits: includes Catechins and Epicatechins which are antioxidants. These compounds belong to a group of plant chemicals called Flavonoids. This oolong tea is rich in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant. The amino acid L- Theanine is also present. Caffeine is present in Da Hong Pao.

This tea qualifies for the ‘Morning Brew Live,’ an interactive virtual tea session. Please visit ‘Morning Brew Live’ for more information.

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Brewing Instructions

Glass, porcelain or clay tea ware (gaiwan/teapot) is recommended. Heat the water to 100°C/212°F. First, warm the teacup and gaiwan/teapot. Rinse the tea quickly with hot water and pour out prior to the first steep.

Gaiwan: Use 8g for 100 ml. 1st to 5th steep 3 secs. 6th to 9th steep 7 seconds.

Teapot (glass, porcelain or clay): Use 8g for 150 ml. Steep 25 seconds. Add 10 seconds each additional steep or to your desired taste.

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