Pay for a Guided Tea Tasting

Pay for a Guided Tea Tasting


This is the payment of a Tea Tasting. Please select the number of people joining to check out. If you are looking to inquire about a tea tasting, click here.


Whether it be family, friends or business colleagues, a guided tea presentation will be a unique experience. Join in on an interactive, senses-opening journey and explore:

The tasting of three different types of fine curated Chinese Tea
The preparation and brewing of tea
The 270-year history of tea in South Carolina
The 5000-year history of tea in China
The six major categories of tea (green, red, white, yellow, black & Oolong)
The health and well-being of drinking tea
An exhibition of tea ware including contemporary, vintage and antique tea pots and gaiwans

$65.00 per person for up to 8 guests
2 hour tea presentation
For larger parties or special events, please contact us for group rates
Travel expenses may apply for locations 50 miles beyond Charleston

The Guided Tea Tasting can be held at a home, office, hotel, wellness center, school setting or other available spaces chosen by the host.

Interested in a Guided Tea Tasting? Please fill out the request form

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